THE LITTLE KING OF SAVANNAH | The Musical -Galician language-


The King of the Savannah is one of the most theatrical musicals of today with a great deal of richness and a lot to offer to the spectators big and small. The CODA Cultural Cultural Association, with a career of more than ten years, has been immersed in the adventure of bringing to the Galician theaters this adaptation in our language since October 2012.

This show features a cast of thirteen soloists and a chorus of over twenty voices, all live.
With a colorful and impressive atrium full of color, with great visual impact, masks, costumes, makeup, lights and a complete staging, which leaves no one indifferent.

In this trajectory, CODA TM (Musical Theater) is also known for its work with DreamWorks’ Musical Shrek, which revolves around the Galician geography.