Juancho Marqués en concierto


In May 2019, “Album Uno”, the fourth solo album by Juancho Marqués, goes on sale. Number one, in addition to cousin and single, is usually tied to a beginning. With this new reference, Juancho Marques puts on the table even clearer evidence of the light and direction of a hip hop scene and genre immersed in exponential and demonstrable growth. It will be a key part of your concert in Vigo.

Juancho Marqués, who began his musical career 10 years ago, has always been characterized by his remarkable ability to smash the skin of his listeners. Throughout this decade, time has passed through his music to achieve a much more professional, warm, personal and addictive sound.

When the collaborations that Juancho Marqués wanted to add to the “Album One” theme list appear, we can understand how the color range of this reference is intended to be completed: the unavoidable voice of Flemish singer María José Llergo, participating in two of the 13 tracks; the character of Natos’ lyrics; the attractive music of Vic Mirallas; the intensity and feel of David Ruiz from “The M.O.D.A” or the undeniable presence and significance that the track brings to Sule B, when the traditional phrase that “Suite Soprano is forever” is repeated. We must not ignore the hand of Gabriel Fernández, more than evident in each and every one of the tracks that make the sanity of this album a test of a masterful success.