Guadi Galego presents’Immersion’, her new project, a reinterpretation of his own music, songs from other eras that explore different musical territories.

The singer, who became known as the vocalist of Berrogüetto and who has since developed an interesting career, both alone and in projects in collaboration with other great musicians, presents ‘Immersion’ at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium on Saturday November 16 to 8.30 pm P.M

Guadi Galego’s concert will be different for the audience of the Vigo Sea. It will be in the Hall Auditorium, an open space on the coast through its characteristic stained glass window. From the sea of ​​Cedeira where Guadi comes from, to the sea of ​​Vigo: the new versions of the most special songs that is one of the most established voices in the Galician music scene will function as a conductor.

Guadi Galego’s collaborative team in ‘Immersion’ gives an idea of ​​the characteristics of this musical project. From Iván Ferreiro to the Argentine Lisandro Aristimuño, the creator and performer of Catalan jazz Clara Peya, or Galician Xabier Díaz and Abe Rábade are part of a wide list of collaborators.